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The main body of Backpack Travel is the Backpack Foundation in Singapore. With a personal digital identity authentication of tourists as a lever of change, Backpack Travel devotes itself to the blockchain application in tourism industry. Its target is to create the very first borderless travel credit consumption platform in the world.

Backpack Travel Alliances is a global integration of international tourism resources on blockchain, and BTA is replacing the traditional OTA!

Backpack Travel

What We Do?

Backpack Travel Shield

With the aid of the combination of static and dynamic tourist information, each tourist can be provided with credit assets and exempted from multiple identity authentication permanently on blockchain.


With global integration of quality tourism services, original tourism consensus mechanisms, effective match transaction between service providers and end customers, the BTA platform will prove that decentralization and efficiency is not just phrase-mongering.


Each tourist as an individual "miner",his consumption will be taken as "mining". The tourist will receive the corresponding token reward upon the completion of each tourist behavior. Also, he is able to purchase service products at more favorable price on the BTA platform.

Tourism Credit Consumption

The Backpack tourist credit extension formula can accurately reflects the tourist’s travel consumption ability. It enables tourists to travel without the need of payment in full.

Tokenomics   Model

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Core Members

Founder & CEO

New Zealander, graduated from Auckland Massey University with a master degree in marketing. She is passionate about travelling, and has a thorough understanding on consumer behavior and international travel trends. Joanne had worked in one of Asia's largest human resources companies, and was in charge of in IPO recruitment projects for some of the top 500 companies. She worked in Tencent headquarters and was responsible for overseas recruitment in 9 countries.

Dean. Z.Y. Ding

Elite talent of Shenzhen, Internet Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Star of Guangdong Province, silver medal winner of the 7th Chinese Innovation and Pioneering Competition in Mobile Internet Section. With two full-license travel companies, Dean has been engaged in the tourism industry for nearly 20 years. His travel companies have millions of users, and one of the companies had been authorized as the High-tech Tourism Enterprises by Shenzhen government with official support. He is the pioneer and practitioner of Chinese tourism credit consumption. Also, Dean is the founder and sponsor of the Beehive Cloud Blockchain Global Summit, which has a good reputation in the industry.

Yellow Zhang
Operation Advisor

Yellow was the former senior executive in China Travel Service Headquarter and the former senior executive in Ali tourism sector. He is proficient in the whole tourism industry chain operation, and he has deep insight into the pros and cons of major E-commerce platform architecture and operation. As an early adopter and rule maker of OTA distribution standards and regulations, he is also a full link senior industry research expert with more than 20 years experience in the field of tourism industry and accumulation of resources superimposed.

Senior Business Developer

Served as Director Destination Management Asia of the German National Tourism Board. H. Lommatzsch is committed to increasing international influence and propelling the development of Germany tourism, especially in Asian countries as well as all the other countries worldwide. He concerns the issue of tourists information over exposed in traditional tourism industry, and he is keen on linking blockchain application with the tourism industry. Lommatzsc is willing to push Backpack Travel in line to bring a new revolution to tourism industry worldwide.

Kris Lee

As a senior public security expert, and expert of Ali Yun Big Data Department expert with more than ten years of big data handling experience, Kris had worked in a leading public security enterprise as Chief Officer in data center. He was responsible for managing and structuring the company's core product line full volume data. Kris has rich experience in architecture design and large R&D team management.

Shean. K. Zheng
Chief Technical Architect

A database technical architect with over ten years of experience in big data processing and mining, Shean had worked as the Chief Officer of big data central division in a well-known cross-border e-commerce company. He had also worked in HNA financial systems architecture and R&D department. With over 1 billion users data processing and architecture, Shean has rich experience in architecture and FinTech R&D sector.

Dr. Huang Xiao Hu
Application Technician

Huang graduated from City University of Hong Kong as a Ph.D. major in applied statistics,a distinguished scholar at Texas Agricultural Machinery University in the United States. He has in-depth research on blockchain technology, encryption technology and underlying algorithms in the field of mathematical tokens. He has rich experience in application of public chain development.

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